Cut To Length For Thin Sheet Cut To Length For Thin Sheet

Cut To Length For Thin Sheet

a. Thickness of material:0.3mm-3.0mm
b. Width of material:1500mm
c. Material for processing:cold rolled coil, hot rolled coil, painted coils, galvanized coils
d. Outer diameter of steel coil:≤Ø1800mm
e. Inner diameter of steel coil:Ø508mm, Ø610mm, Ø762mm
f. Weight of steel coil:≤15T
g. Tolerance of cutting length:±0.5mm (take panel of 1.5mm thickness and 2000mm length for measurement)
h. Tolerance of diagonal:±1.0mm (take panel of 2m length for measurement)
i. Cutting speed:21 pcs / min(take panel of 2m length for measurement)
j. Leveling speed:0- 60m/min
k. Quantity of working roller:19 rollers
l. Diameter of working roller:¢60mm
m. Material of working roller:90Cr2MoV
n. Hardness of working roller:HRC58°-60°
o. Quantity of middle roller:21 rollers
p. Material of middle roller: 9CrSi
q. Hardness of middle roller:HRC50°- 52°
r. Quantity of supporting roller:138 rollers (6 rows)
s. Weight capacity of stacking lifting table:5000kg
t. Stacking length range:500-4000mm(side discharge)
u. Max. stacking height:400mm
v. Floor area:about 24000 × 7000mm (L × W)
1.Hydraulic coil car
2.Double-head type decoiler
3.Coil head shoveling & leading unit
4.Feeding device
5.19-roller accurate leveler
6.Passing bridge and storing pit
7.Guiding device
8.Servo length measuring unit
9.Transverse cutting device
10.Conveying table
11.Automatic stacker
12.Discharge car
13.Hydraulic system
14.Electrical control system
15.Other components
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