Discontinous 3+3 PU Pressing Machine Discontinous 3+3 PU Pressing Machine

Discontinous 3+3 PU Pressing Machine

  • 3+3 pressing machine greatly reduces the workers labor intensity, save labor time, and increase production efficiency. This machine requires no foundation work, which results in less site area and reduced capital investment. This device uses a contact heater, can set the pre-heating time and also can automatically disconnect the power supply during the worker's operation, make sure safe and reliability. This equipment adopts left and right alternate pressing. The left mold is in the process of pressing. The worker operates the right mold. When the right mold is used for stamping, the left mold is assembled. The time of one cycle greatly improves the working efficiency. The hydraulic system features self-starting and self-stop technology. The machine is equipped with a 7-inch touch screen, use human-machine interface and easy to operate.

  • 1. The specification of the machine is about 40m x 1.5 m x 2.2m

  • 2. The machine requires no foundation work.

  • 3. Sandwich panel production max thickness 200mm, length 12 meters, about 691㎡ eight hours

  • 4. Two sets of hydraulic molds, the left mold produce three pcs while the right mold install three pcs.

  • 5. Separate single block template (3 sets for each pressing machine)

  • 6. Among one set 3 molds work on the left and one set 3 molds fix on the right.

  • 7. The pressure maintaining time is 30 minutes and the clamping time is about 30 minutes.

  • 8. Both sides of the clamping platform use bearing position.

  • 9. 60 minutes for a working cycle. At the same time, six composite panels of 12 meters long were produced.

  • 10. Double-position hydraulic molds are clamped one by one, and they are pressed alternately on the left and right.

  • 11. Loading template with pull-open

  • 12. one set of 12 meters long working platform.

  • 13. 12-meter-long working platform, the platform can move up and down, working height is suitable for 800mm.

  • 14. Working platform covers an area of 12500mm x 1400mm

  • 15. The platform can move up and down in a range of 800mm. The working height is suitable.

  • 16. PU panel moving speed 20 meters/minute

  • 17. Bearing on the surface of working platform

  • 18. The carrying template is pulled out to move on the bearing

  • 19. Hydraulic cylinders are used to maintain the pressure during pressing. The number of cylinders is 20*2 sets (for the two pressing machines at both ends)

  • 20. Cylinder bore φ100mm

  • 21. One set of foaming units

  • 22. Foaming machine flow rate 4000 grams per second

  • 23. Overhead platform for foaming machine station

  • 24. Foaming machine moving speed: 10m/min

  • 25. Loading Foaming Machine Mobile Platform 6000mm×2400mm

  • 26. Thickness of sandwich panel 50mm~200mm

  • 27. The max length of the sandwich panel is 12,000mm.

  • 28. Export sandwich panels generally meet the standard length of container length 10500mm

  • 29. The use of contact type electric heating

  • 30. Different thicknesses, different aluminum profiles

  • 31. There are 4 aluminum molds per size

  • 32. Adding bottom module when producing roof panels (optional)

  • 33. Electronic control system uses hydraulic and computer combination control

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