Discontinuous 2+2 Pressing Machine Discontinuous 2+2 Pressing Machine

Discontinuous 2+2 Pressing Machine


Model number:WH65-15(2+2)
Introduction:The pressing machine is suitable to produce sandwich panel discontinuously. It adopts (2+2) type which saves time of loading the sheet and loading and unloading the workpieces so that the production efficiency is increased extraordinarily. At the same time, high quality loading template sheet also provides a reliable guarantee for the production of sandwich panel quality.

Structure: adopting the gantry frame lift type press machine; Hydraulic oil cylinder inhead type structure, upload form board working height is 1100 mm, download form board working height is 1000 mm. The guide rail inside the machine adopts overall floating structure; floating track return pin is the taper pin, positioning accurately, smoothly and no impact.
Hydraulic system: based on the principles of high efficiency and energy saving, we adopt double pumps and double pressure system. Big flow, low pressure during ifting process and small flow, high pressure durling pressurize, with automatic hydraulic lock, automatic filling pressure functions.
The machine frame adopts split type, the upper platform and down platform are connected by the multiple stud bolts and positioning keys on the side, the connected surfaces are all positioned by positioning keys and all the keyways are at same standard, which can ensure the accuracy of the positioning, and each combination with bolts can ensure the enough rigidity of the machine frame. All machine parts are all via heat treatment, which can eliminate the inner stress. Besides, compared with the welding massive structure, the split structure is convenient for transportation, movment when maintenance, which is better than welding massive structure. Because the massice welding processing technology is restricted, some structure details could not be processed, and the frame precision is low, weldments stress is large.
Control adopts vector frequency. The moving process of the board is low speed start, high-speed movement; deceleration stop in place, the whole process is vector variable speed, no impact during the movement.
Heat exchange system: heating pipe unit under the form board, which can carry hot water or hot oil to heat the form board when necessary.The form board and heat source is connected with drag chain and soft pipes. Mold temperature control machine and heating device can rise temperature 30 degrees per hour.
Safty operation: in order to ensure safety and prevent wrong operation, using two people start, two hands operation form.The main operating using operation lever components. Control system includes the pressure control, setting, timing and work condition, fault display and function selection, etc. Digital input parameter Settings adopts man-machine interface.The operation is simple, intuitive, safe and reliable.

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