Discontinuous Hinged Pressing Machine Discontinuous Hinged Pressing Machine

Discontinuous Hinged Pressing Machine

Pu sandwich panel hinged pressing machine is a new generation of discontinuous composite panel production line promoted by Weihua machinery company. This production line solves the shortcomings of the original discontinuous production line which can only produce cold storage panel. The new type of discontinuous production line can produce all kinds of panels, including external wall hidden wall panels for construction, roof panels, cold storage panel,calcium silicate fire insulation and heat preservation decoration panel , high-end rock wool PU curtain wall box panel, rock wool glass wool panel, and other kind of products.
And it can even produce PIR high fire retardant PU composite panel which is impossible for the original pressing machine which adopts injection process. The equipment has good flexibility,performance that can switch to different specifications quickly. It is suitable for company that needs to produce small quantities but different kinds of production. The requirement of the factory area is low,and has good flexibility, the initial investment is small, this product is very suitable for discontinuous mass production.The production line has been successfully applied to Shandong Wucheng company, after two years’ test,the production line works very well.

Technical parameter of pressing machine

1.Material spreading time:25S
2.Mold closing time: 10S
3.Material spreading time and mold closing time affect the wire drawing time(35S)
4. Mold opening time:20S, it will not affect wire drawing time and fluidity
5. PU wire drawing time: 38S  (refer to continuous production line )
6.Mold solidifying time (pressure maintain time ):
100 mm PU sandwich panel: 7 min
200 mm PU sandwich panel: 10 min (Because we adopt the prescription of    continuous production line, so we calculate mould opening time in reference to continuous production line. And it’s a mature technology)
7. Adaptor plate dimension: 1400×12.5 m
8. Tooling preparation + unload panel time : 10 min
9. Total cycle time (not include tooling preparation time): 45S
10. Wire drawing of chemicals time: 38S
11.Material spreading method
6 m —— single gun tip spread material
12 m—— two gun tips spread material from middle to two sides
12.  Foaming power: 3 kg/cm²
13. Adaptor plate temperature:≤60℃,the machine can produce PIR high fire resistant sandwich panel in 60℃
14. Mold temperature controller: Weihua provide model for reference, customers purchase it by themselves
15. Heating mode: Adopt coil adaptor plate
16.Machine power: 150 KW
17. Overall dimension of 12 m pressing machine: 20 m×2.5 m×3 m
18. Overall dimension of 6m pressing machine: 20 m×2.5 m×3 m
This production line can equip with two-components foaming machine or five-components foaming machine

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