Slitting Line Slitting Line

Slitting Line

a. Material:δb≤380Mpa galvanized steel sheet and painted steel sheet
b. Thickness of material:δ=0.5-3.0mm
c. Width of material: 1500mm
d. Slitting accuracy:width tolerance ± 0.15mm
e. Width of side scrap: 3-15mm
f. Quantity of side scrap: 2 strips
g. Slitting burr: ≤0.05 thickness δ
h. Weight of side scrap: ≤ 100kg / per coil
i. Slitting speed with two shifts:δ≤0.5-1.5㎜ 120m/min
δ≤3㎜ 70m/min
j. Min. slitting width:≥50mm
k. Slitting strips:δ 0.5-1.5㎜ 13 strips;
δ 3㎜ 7 strips
l. Weight capacity of decoiler:15T
m. Inner diameter of steel coil: Φ508mm, Φ610mm, Φ762mm
n. Outer diameter of steel coil:≤Φ1600mm
o. Diameter of slitting blade shaft:Φ225mm, material is 42CrMo
p. Size of slitting blade:Φ225×Φ350×20mm
q. Material of slitting blade:Cr12MoV
r. Hardness of slitting blade:HRC580-HRC600
s. Inner diameter of recoiler:Φ508 mm
t. Floor area: 25m×8m
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