Corrugated Sheet Roll Forming Machine Corrugated Sheet Roll Forming Machine

Corrugated Sheet Roll Forming Machine

1.Manual decoiler: manual decoil, passitive expansion
2.Inner diameter of decoiler: 508mm, 610mm
3.Decoiler capacity: 5T
4.Machine stand: welded by steel structure, shot blast after welding, get rid of inside stress
5.Motor power of forming machine:7.5KW
6.Motor power of hydraulic station:3KW
7.Hydraulic oil pump:gear pump CB-E314
8.Roll stand:30 stations
9.Forming speed:10m/min
10.Material of roller:No. 45 forging steel
11.The surface of roller coating chrome:single surface 0.05mm
12.Type of forming machine: wallboard type chain transmission
13.Diameter of shaft: ¢75mm
14.Height of center: 130mm
15.Chain: 16A
16.Cutting ways: hydraulic forming cutting
17.Material of cutting blade: Cr12, Quenching hardness HRC60°-62°
18.Thickness of steel coil: 0.3-0.6mm
19.Panel width of feeding: 1220mm
20.Tolerance of length:10m±2mm
21.Specific size of profile: conform to roll forming panel GB/T12755-2008 standard used for china construction
22.Form of guiding with feeding station:side trolley type
23.Transducer: Hongquan (Taiwan Brand)
24.Computer adopts PLC,Mitsutishi FX-IS Series
25.Hydraulic systemic working pressure: 12Mpa
26.Computer control system: whole machine adopts industrial computer PLC control, operating board adopts Xinjie OP320A
27.Output table: roller type
28.Voltage: 380V50HZ3PH
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