Rock Wool Sandwich Panel Production Line Rock Wool Sandwich Panel Production Line

Rock Wool Sandwich Panel Production Line

  • Rock wool system is used for slitting the big block rock wool into branches and conveying & turning to change the direction of fiber, thus make the rock wool blocks to meet the requirements of construction composite panels’ intensity, and then arraying, milling edge, spraying glue on up & down panels and at last cohere with the up & down steel panels. The system includes storing elevator, slitting machine, lengthways conveying, 90 degrees turning over, arraying device, joint edge milling, glue-spraying system, auto stacker for wooden pallet, dust suction machine and so on. Rock wool glue system has two types: one is two components of ISO and polyhydric alcohols; the other type is three components of ISO, polyhydric alcohols and catalyst.

  • 1)Machine speed 1:6m/min (50mm thickness*2400 length)

  • 2)Machine speed 2:4.5m/min (50mm thickness*1800 length)

  • 3)Glue spary weight: 180g-250g

  • 4)The height of final composite panel:50mm,75mm,100mm,125mm,150mm,175mm,200mm

  • 5)The max efficient width of final composite panel:1000mm

  • 6)Rockwool strips: max 10 strips

  • 7)The max height of the raw block rockwool: ≤105mm

  • 8)The height tolerance of the raw block rockwool: :±2mm

  • 9)Raw block rockwool standard: national standard

  • 10)Raw glasswool standard: national standard

  • 11)Rockwool weight: 80~120kg/m³

  • 12)Glasswool weight: 64~100 kg/m³

  • 13)Cutting blade seam width: 3.3mm

  • 14)The length of the rockwool strip: 1.8m~2.4m

  • 15)The tensile strength of rockwool: ≥7.5Kpa

  • 16)The compressive strength of rockwool: ≥40Kpa

  • 17)Hydrophobic of rockwool: ≥98%

  • 18)Shot content of rockwool: ≤10% Grain size>0.25mm

  • 19)The distance from glue spray point to double belt conveyor entrance: 7m

  • 20)The efficient length of double belt conveyor:17.8m, different glue need different gelation time.( the costomer has to prepare different glue or choose three compontent glue spray equipment)

  • 21)Environment temperature: 10-30℃

1. In 2011, Weihua supplied whole continuous PU sandwich panel production line to Vietnam EVERRICH company.
  • Whole production line
  • Our customer's company
  • General manager Mr.Ma installed the machine in Vietnam
  • Production panel
2. In 2013, Weihua supplied whole PU and rock wool sandwich panel production line to Langfang Zhongjie New Material Construction Panel Co.,Ltd, and we developed four tongue and groove joints box plates.
3. In 2016, Weihua supplied whole continuous PU sandwich panel and rock wool production line and soft surface production line to B.R.W New Materials Co., Ltd.
4. In 2017, Weihua supplied whole continuous rock wool sandwich panel production line to METECNO Group China.
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